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Best Multivitamin for Women Supplements Reviews in 2018

Vitamins and minerals – the most essential nutrients. How do you know if you take in enough of them? Do you even know what you need to eat? Your body cells require these nutrients to function – without them, you would be a waling lump with zero energy levels, and you would get sick all the time.

What are multivitamins?

The preparations that are for nutritional purposes. They usually contain minerals, vitamins and other elements. They are in form of capsules, powders, tablets, liquids, or injections.

For this article, we will look at the top multivitamin supplements to check out, as well as what to look out for when buying one, and their benefits.

Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solution - 80 Gummies - Pack of 6
Full Review
Centrum Silver Ultra, Centum-h8dg 4.5 750 Tablets
Full Review
Centrum Silver Ultra, Centum-iflj 4.5 750 Tablets
Full Review
NATURELO Multivitamin whole food for women 4.5 240 vegetarian capsules
Full Review
MegaFood Daily Tablets 4.5 180 Tablets
Full Review
Activz Tropical flavor Multivitamin 4.2 30 Servings 1 lb. 13.6 oz
Full Review
One-A-Day Multivitamin, One-sjg9 4.4 Tablets - 600-Count ,
Full Review
Pure Encapsulations Hypoallergenic multivitamin 4.3 30 Packets
Full Review
Vitafusion Women’s Natural Berry Multivitamin 4.3 660 Count
Full Review

1.Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solution

Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Women's Multivitamin, 80 Gummies - Pack of 6

This supplement offers you a unique formula. Created by women and for women, it gives your body over ten essential nutrients each day, in a delicious gummy having mixed berries and raspberry flavors.

Every serving gives your body antioxidant vitamins C and E, as well as Vitamin D for strengthening immunity and Calcium for strengthening the bones. It also has other Vitamins such as the B family, which give your body energy support and aid in food breakdown. In addition, each tablet has 50mg of collagen to aid in healthy skin and hair.

  • It aids in hair growth and strengthening because of the collagen content
  • It is very effective
  • It tastes very good and there is no after taste
  • Made from natural ingredients, so no artificial flavors or colors
  • There is a very good blend of ingredients ->

  • The gummies use corn syrup in their composition, so they end up being too soft for some users


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2.Centrum Silver Ultra, Centum-h8dg

Centrum Silver Ultra for Women Multivitamin- 750 Tablets , Centrum-h8dgThis multivitamin has a unique formation that makes it stand out from other multivitamins, and this makes it useful, especially to women over 50 years of age.

It enhances bone and breast health and has antioxidants, which aid in supporting the immune system in the body. It has Vitamin B family of ingredients, to help in the boosting of the body’s energy. It helps to improve eyesight due to the Vitamins E, A and C, as well as Lutein





  • It is easy to ingest and has no aftertaste
  • Has high effectiveness levels

  • It is expensive compared to other supplements


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3.Centrum Silver Ultra, Centum-iflj

Centrum Silver Ultra for Women Multivitamin- 750 Tablets , Centrum-ilfjSimilar to the Centrum Silver h8dg, the product promises to enhance your bone and breast health, while improving your immune system through its antioxidant content.

It also has B vitamin family that supports and boosts the energy in your body, and enhances healthy eyesight through the ingredients Lutein, as well as the Vitamins D, A and E.





  • Simple to ingest and has a good taste
  • Does not have adverse side effects on most people
  • Boosts the energy levels for the body and is very effective

  • It can have nauseating effects on some individuals
  • It is pricey


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4.NATURELO Multivitamin whole food for women

One of the best supplements out there on multivitamins, it takes natural ingredients – fruits and vegetables – and promises you a highly quality result that is compatible with your body.

It has a collection of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants to ensure maximum health benefits to your body. These include Vitamins A, D, K and C, as well as Calcium and Iodine. It contains organic, all-natural ingredients, so no need to worry about adverse side effects. In addition to this, it is free from allergens that include gluten, soy, yeast, dairy, or peanuts.

The product is from the United States and follows the strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, so you know of its high quality.


  • Very good taste and easy to swallow
  • No adverse side effects since they are all-natural and lack allergens
  • They have certification from the FDA, so they are of good quality
  • Are very effective

  • They lack folic acid, so you may want to take it separately
  • Some users have raised an issue with the capsule size being large
  • You must take it with food, so this may be a disadvantage for women who do not eat regularly



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5.MegaFood Daily Tablets

MegaFood - One Daily, Natural Multivitamin Support for Well-Being, 180 Tablets (FFP)The manufacturer of this supplement is enhancing lives by staying true to the intention of food. This supplement is a major player in the supplement industry because it uses fresh ingredients made from whole foods.

The product itself contains a healthy dose of carotenoids and antioxidants, sourced from colorful whole foods, while it is free from allergens such as soy, gluten, dairy and pesticides. A major advantage is that you can take it with or without food because it is gentle on your stomach.



  • No adverse side effects, at least on most people
  • It does not contain allergens, GMO or chemicals
  • It does not have a high dosage amount
  • It has a record of accomplishment of enhancing immunity

  • It does not have a good taste
  • It tends to be pricey


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6.Activz Tropical flavor Multivitamin

Activz Complete Tropical Flavor Multivitamin Replacement 30 Servings 1 lb. 13.6 oz

This multivitamin supplement offers a wide range of phytonutrients containing about nine servings of vegetables and fruits, and the best part is that there is no prior washing, juicing or slicing required.

It enhances the body’s immunity by giving it 100% of the daily-recommended servings, while the nutrients are in shake form – this offers a nice alternative to swallowing capsules.

It gives the body whole food nutrients, which are from fractionated and synthetic vitamins.




  • It has a good taste
  • The portion servings are large
  • It works excellently for smoothies and drinks, even for water
  • The ingredients are healthy
  • The results from taking it are evident in a short time – it can thicken the hair, moisturize the skin

  • The sugar content is high – up to ten grams, so it may not work if you are trying to lose weight


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7.One-A-Day Multivitamin, One-sjg9

One-A-Day Women's Multivitamin, Tablets - 600-Count ,One-sjg9


This multivitamin has nutrients that aid in healthy heart function, and vitamin D that aids in maintaining healthy heart pressure levels. It assists in boosting immunity levels through its Vitamins C, A, E and selenium, while it works on boosting your energy levels with Vitamins B6, B12, folic acid and pantothenic acid.





  • PROS:
    • It is affordable
    • Very effective in its working
    • Good value for your money

    • The pill size is large, though the coating, which helps it go down, offsets this
    • It does not have a very pleasant taste


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8.Pure Encapsulations Hypoallergenic multivitamin

Pure Encapsulations - Women's Pure Pack - Hypoallergenic Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Complex with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, CoQ10, and Antioxidant Support* - 30 PacketsThis multivitamin supplement consistently proves why it is among the best: its premium raw ingredients are from reliable suppliers that meet the manufacturer’s rigorous quality and testing standards. All the product components undergo extensive tests from independent reviewers that test for their purity and effectiveness.

The supplement is from GMP-approved US factories, which are climate, controlled and have disinfected equipment. The ingredients are GMO and allergen free, so are suitable for vegetarians as well.



  • It is very effective in its work, especially boosting your immunity levels
  • Very easy to take and has no aftertaste
  • Very convenient for carrying on trips

  • Contains iodine, so avoid it if you have a case of hyperthyroidism
  • It is pricey


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9.Vitafusion Women’s Natural Berry Multivitamin

Vitafusion¢â Women¢¥s Natural Berry Multivitamin Gummies , 660 Count , Vitafusion-hy

This supplement contains a great mineral and multivitamin formula, while containing a natural-flavored taste that are easy to ingest and swallow.

It does not have a high dosage – you only need about two capsules per day to get the nutritional content you require, while it is also free of soy, gluten, peanuts, dairy and eggs.

  • It has a good taste and it is easy to chew
  • They boost your energy levels
  • They have no adverse side effects
  • You can take them on an empty stomach or without water

  • They tend to be pricey




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Do you need a multivitamin supplement?

First question you need to ask, before rushing out to buy one. You are a good candidate for a multivitamin supplement if:

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Studies on multivitamin supplements

A, the joy of taking multivitamins. You think to yourself, “why not take a multivitamin?” after all, they are good for your body because they add nutrients, right?

Brace yourself for a cold, hard truth – not all of them are like that.

What we mean is, there lacks a standardized regulatory or uniform defining of multivitamins, therefore, the quality of supplements as well as their composition can change from product to product, all dependent on the manufacturer.

The original intention of multivitamins was to guard against deficiencies in micronutrients because of poor diets or inadequate intake. Now, their uses are broad in scope.

They not only supplement deficiencies in your diet, but they also have unique formulas that claim to fulfil a number of goals, including  weight loss, protection from illnesses such as cancer, boosting energy levels, and increasing your life span. The question is can these multivitamins do all that, really? Alternatively, is it marketing ploys to make people buy the product?

It is not conclusive whether there are long-term benefits of multivitamins

Yes, it is a well-known fact that consuming a diet full of vegetables and fruits reduces the risks of medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Most medical professionals are in the school of thought that high amounts of fibre and anti-oxidants lower inflammation and chronic disease. Therefore, you expect that supplementation of this diet with isolated ingredients of these nutrients will assist you to acquire the same benefits, if not more.

However, the research on this benefit is conflicting. What we mean is these supplements will only help you if your body lacks that nutrient, really.

To show this, a recent large-scale study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association had some interesting results. The experiment consisted of a placebo group, while the other took multivitamin supplements. The results were revealing – the multivitamin group reported cancer incidences reduction by an 8% average. Keep in mind, however, that beyond this, there has not been much to show this benefit.

Lesson here?
It may not help you much, unless you are a physically active person or your diet lacks some nutrients.

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Reducing the chances of illness

Multivitamins actually boost the immune system, and ward off chronic illnesses as a result. Apart from this, they also help to keep the teeth, eyes, brain, cardiovascular system, and hair in optimum condition.

Adds a touch of convenience

Let us admit it – currently, life is hectic for all of us. In the midst of rushing through life, you may not eat well. Multivitamins are an easy way of solving the problem, ensuring you take minerals and vitamins on the go.

Cost effectiveness in the end

Your first decision should be getting your daily nutrients from your food. However, the hustle and bustle of daily life can make this goal difficult to achieve, in addition to costly particularly if you want to change your eating habits. This is why multivitamins are your best friend – they allow you to consume good quality sources of your nutritional dose, all at an affordable cost. This has led to their increasing popularity on the scene today.

They are effective

The food sources used in these products are highly dense in their nutritional value. This means that they are among the best methods to combat health issues, increase energy levels and enhance your health generally. In fact, different studies prove that multivitamin consumption improves your mood while reducing stress levels.

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Side effects of multivitamin supplements

Just because they are good, does not mean they will work for everyone. There are complications that may arise from using the supplements. These may include:

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Do not attempt to take more than one multivitamin at the same time, unless your health-care professional has given permission to proceed. This is because there are higher chances of getting side effects and vitamin overdoses when you consume similar products.

If the multivitamin contains potassium, avoid salt substitutes in your diet. Conversely, if you are on a diet with low salt content, get advice from your doctor on the way forward.

Avoid dairy products including milk, or any antacid that has calcium in it, because calcium makes it harder for the body to get maximum benefits from the supplement.

If you use any of these drugs, make sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist before starting on the supplement:

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Your doctor should advise you on how to take the supplement, or you can check the container to get directions on taking it. Avoid using it in either smaller or larger doses.

Do not take more than you need, and keep in mind that many multivitamins have high concentrations of minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc and potassium. These minerals, when you are not careful, can cause stomach bleedings, teeth stains, increasing urination, irregular heartbeats, muscle weakness and limpness.

Always chew chewable tablets before you swallow them, and always take them with a full glass of water.

Always store them in their original containers, because transferring them can ruin their composition.


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How to look for a multivitamin



Confirm the percentages of the ingredients

A general rule is to pick a supplement offering you 100% of the DV (daily value) of most of the vitamins and minerals in the supplement. However, keep in mind that certain nutrients like magnesium and calcium can make the pill too hard to swallow, so are not at 100% amounts.


Read labels

The label of the product will tell you the nutrients in it, and the amounts within every serving.


Ensure it contains the basic minerals and vitamins

Most multivitamins use certain ingredients, and when you are keen, you will spot them. These include Vitamin B1/thiamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2/riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, Vitamins A, E, D, and K, iodine, potassium, iron and molybdenum.


Check out the extra frills

Many multivitamins these days have a wide variety of formulas that help people with certain conditions or needs. For instance, a multivitamin may or may not contain iron, or they can contain highly powerful formulas, which have a minimum of two-thirds of the nutrients needed in basic diet allowances. Others may come with extra antioxidants or prenatal vitamins for pregnant women.


Keep in mind that there are different formulas for age groups and sexes

Do not just pick any formula – pick multivitamins that are best for your nutritional needs.


Avoid overdoing it

Stay away from multivitamins that exceed levels of 100% daily recommendations, since they are the same as those in food. It is equal to overdosing – and you know that too much of a good thing is dangerous.


What form to choose?

Because multivitamins are in different forms, you may wonder what is best. However, liquids have very high absorption rates, while coated tablets are the slowest since the coating hinders absorption


Final thoughts
Multivitamins are essential in the functioning of your body, but you also need to be careful when using them. The best supplement in this case, is the Megafood daily tablets – when you ignore their taste, they actually carry many benefits for your body, and they do not have side effects, at least for most people.

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