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Best Multivitamin for Children Supplements Reviews in 2018

The foods that your children eat even though essential for growth do not contain all the vitamins that your child needs. That is why you need to supplement their diet with multivitamins so that they can get all the essential minerals needed for proper growth.

Children’s bodies have not build their immune system like adults and that is why you need to ensure that your child gets all the nutrients that they need. Supplements usually have the recommended dosage from health professionals.

Yummi Bears Multi-Vitamin and Mineral 4.2 200 capsules
Full Review
SmartyPants Multi-Vitamin 4.3 2 pack 180ct total 360ct
Full Review
SmartyPants Children’s Multi-Vitamin Omega 3 and Vitamin D 4.3 120 Gummies (Pack of 2
Full Review
Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Gold-Children’s Multi-Vitamin 4.2 4-Pack of 120
Full Review
Pure Encapsulations Hypoallergenic Multivitamin 4.4 120 Capsules
Full Review
Centrum Kids Flavor Burst Multivitamin Chew 5.0 120 Count Per Bottle (5 Pack)
Full Review
U-Cubes Children’s Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Gummies 4.6 120 Gummies (Pack of 3)
Full Review
Natures Plus, Animal Parade, children’s chewable Multi-Vitamin 4.6 540 Count
Full Review

1.Yummi Bears Multi-Vitamin and Mineral

This multi-vitamin comes in a very attractive package that is appealing to children. You have mouthwatering natural strawberry, orange, pineapple and grape flavors that come in many colors.

Yummy bears Multi-vitamin have 16 essential nutrients to boost your child’s growth especially after you have stopped breastfeeding. It comes in 90 count package to last 30 days, 200 count for 66 days and an 15 daily count package. Each serving should have 3 yummy vitamins therefore for 30 days you need 90 yummies.

The product is free from gluten, allergens and dairy products and the nutrients are all organic and have naturally sweetened sugar; this also leads to little side effects. The used sugars are vegetarian approved with fruit pectin and their no artificial colors or preservatives used.


  • Fruit flavor that are attractive to children
  • Gluten, allergen and dairy products free
  • 16 essential nutrients for child growth
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives used

  •  Since the vitamins look like candy children may consume more if left unattended


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2.SmartyPants Multi-Vitamin

SmartyPants Children's All-in-One Multivitamin Plus Omega-3 Plus Vitamin D (2 pack 180ct total 360ct)In today’s world it is very difficult for kid’s to get all their nutrients from the processed foods that they eat. Smarty pants multi-vitamin has more than 13 essential ingredients in one package. You have vitamin D essential for strong bones and Omega 3 to help your kids with cell membrane development.

The multi-vitamin is gluten free and all ingredients are made from non-GMO sources. The company has not used any preservatives, synthetic colors or sweeteners everything is natural.

Kids do not like taking their vitamins but SmartyPants has changed that with a delicious taste that will keep your kids asking for more.  It is packed in 120 count pack and you will need to take two each day.



  • Has 13 key nutrients with Omega 3
  • Kids love the delicious taste
  • SmartyPants have had their product tested by reputable third party firms
  • No artificial flavors

  •  The sticky counts can lead to dental problems as they get stuck in a child’s teeth


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3.SmartyPants Children’s Multi-Vitamin Omega 3 and Vitamin D

SmartyPants Children's All-in-One Multivitamin Plus Omega-3 Plus Vitamin D 120 Gummies (Pack of 2)

Children need a lot of Vitamin D to promote none development and that is why SmartyPants Multi-vitamin has more than 50 percent more Vitamin D than the previous model.

You also get essential Omega 3 nutrients from small fish sources that have been certified as not having any mercury levels in them.

The product is gluten and casein free and does not have any artificial additives. With SmartPants your child gets the recommended nutrients in a 120 count pack. You take 4 counts per day.



  • It has 50 percent Vitamin D
  • It is very tasty which makes it suitable for kids
  • They use natural colors and flavors
  • 300mg of omega 3 for cell formation

  • Very high in sugar levels at 5 grams


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4.Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Gold-Children’s Multi-Vitamin

This is a chewable multi-vitamin that comes in different delicious flavors. The product is packed with Vitamin D3 which is essential for bone development in children and Vitamin K2 for boosting your child’s immune system.

Children need more than the food you give them to grow properly and nature plus multi-vitamin has all the essential nutrients for your child. It comes in 4 chewable counts for pack of 120 which last you a month.

  • You can chew this multi-vitamin
  • Has Vitamin D3 and K2
  • Has multiple natural flavors

  • Since it is chewable it can easily get stuck in child’s teeth


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5.Pure Encapsulations Hypoallergenic Multivitamin

Pure Encapsulations - Multi T/D - Hypoallergenic Multivitamin/Mineral Formula Providing a Concentrated Core of Nutrient Essentials - 120 CapsulesPure capsules have bioavailable vitamins that can be easily absorbed in your body. You get Vitamin A, C, D and E.  The multivitamin comes with antioxidants that help fight any free radicals in the body.

You also get natural occurring L-5-MTHF which is a form of folate and works by supporting human growth and help your heart. Folic acid also helps in the production of serotonin a brain hormone responsible for making someone feel happy.

Every capsule has a healthy dose of inositol and choline which are essential for cognitive memory functions. You also get lycopene which is good for creation of cell membranes in the body. You get all these in a 60 capsule pack with one capsule been recommended per day.




  • It has a lot of essential minerals including Vitamin A, C, D and E
  • One capsule has all your nutrient needs
  • It is easily digestible

  • The drug is known to cause nausea


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6.Centrum Kids Flavor Burst Multivitamin Chew

Centrum Kids Flavor Burst Multivitamin Chews, Grape & Blue Raspberry, 120 Count Per Bottle (5 Pack)This multivitamin comes in three flavors: grape, blue and raspberry making children more receptive to it. You also get to chew it rather than swallow which means the flavors get saturated in the mouth.

You have Vitamin B, C and E and it has antioxidants which are crucial to compact free radicals in the body. You can take multivitamin with or without water.

The product however cannot be taken with foods containing Vitamin A, folic acid or zinc. It comes in a pack of 120 and you should tale two chews a day. The 120 pack should last you two months.



  • You can chew it without water
  • Has three exciting flavors
  • Has Vitamin B, C and E with antioxidants

  • Chewables can easily get stuck in children’s teeth


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7.U-Cubes Children’s Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Gummies

U-Cubes Children's Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Gummies, 120 Gummies (Pack of 3)This multi-vitamin is made from GMO free and does not use artificial colors. It’s also gluten, wheat and dairy product free. It comes in a very attractive package with different flavors.

The product has received very many positive reviews from parent’s with many saying children love the flavors and are more excited to take their vitamins.

Solgar, the company responsible for manufacture of U-cube has been in existence since 1965 and are known for bringing a lot experience in science and innovations.



  • A great tasting multi-vitamin
  • Pediatrician recommended dosage of vitamin D
  • GMO and gluten free

  • The sugar levels may be a bit high


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8.Natures Plus, Animal Parade, children’s chewable Multi-Vitamin

Nature's Plus, Animal Parade, Children's Chewable Multi-Vitamin & Mineral, 540 Count ,Parade-d7

This chewable multi-vitamin that you take without water comes in various flavors. They are also animal shaped which makes them really cool to have around.

You have bubble gum, cherry and grape fruit flavors that are mouthwatering delicious. They are packed with all the nutrients that your kid needs for growth; in addition they have bioflavonoids and botanical extracts to keep away diseases.

With a healthy dose of Vitamin C the multivitamin will help boost your child’s immune system. You do not need water when taking the chewable multivitamins.


  • Animal shaped supplements
  • Thee delicious flavors to keep kids coming back for more
  • Has Vitamin C to improve the body’s immune system

  • It has a lot of sugar


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Selecting the right Multi-Vitamin for your child

Multi-Vitamins are supposed to give someone the recommended daily dosage of nutrients per day. Children especially cannot get all the nutrients that they need from the foods that they eat. They are also growing at a fast rate and their bodies require calcium and Vitamin D in bone formation. However, there are very many products out there and it can be confusing selecting the right one.

Most Multi-Vitamins have Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Vitamin A, C, D and E; some may add Omega 3. You should check for the following before you purchase a Multi-Vitamin for your kid:

  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • You select a multivitamin that gets its sugars from natural sources. Artificial sweeteners add to the flavor of the capsules but the sugars are hard to digest especially by young bodies. The added sugars can also lead to weight gain.
  • Chewables
  • These are capsules that do not require water and can be chewed. They come with the health risk of having so many artificial flavors that are hard to digest. If your child is old enough let them learn how to swallow pills. Chewables can easily get stuck in the teeth hence causing dental problems.
  • Source of Multi-Vitamins      
  • You should read the supplement label to find out where the nutrients have been sourced from. Check for those that are Non-GMO and that are made from whole foods. The body absorbs whole foods better than synthetic sources. If a supplement has Omega 3 you should check with manufacturers whether the fish had any mercury in them.
  • Allergies
  • Your children may be allergic to gluten or dairy products and therefore you should only purchase supplements that won’t react with their bodies. You can check the product label for this information.
  • Packaging
  • Children do not like taking medications so check for supplements that come with child friend capsules like those shaped in animals or cartoon characters. Most kid’s supplements come in attractive colors and different flavors.
  • Nutrient content
  • Check for supplements that have the recommended doctor’s dosage per day. The nutrients you should be looking for are Vitamin A, C, D and E. It’s an added benefit to have Omega 3, probiotics and various digestive enzymes.

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Essential Nutrients for child growth


These are some of the top vitamins that are required for proper child growth:



Vitamin A

Is responsible for tissue and bone repair; also promotes healthy skin in children and builds their immune system. You find Vitamin A in milk, eggs, cheese and carrots


Vitamin B

They are divided into B2, B3, B6 and B12 and are essential for healthy blood and nervous system circulation. They are also a good source of energy and aid in metabolism. You can find them in milk, cheese, beans, chicken, fish and soya beans.


Vitamin C

Promotes healthy skin, muscles and is well known for boosting the body’s immune system against disease. You find this in many types of fruits including kiwi, tomatoes, citric fruits and broccoli.


Vitamin D

Is responsible for calcium absorption which leads to bone and tooth development. The best source is sunlight and in fatty fish like salmon.



Helps in bone formation and can be found in milk products



Helps in building of red blood cells and muscles. You find this in red meats and spinach


Based on the above factors we have a clear winner for the best Multi-Vitamin for Children; Natures Plus, Animal Parade, children’s chewable Multi-VitaminThis multi-vitamin lets you take the chewable supplement without water. It also has attractive colors and flavors that are suitable for kids.

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