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Best Hair Loss Supplements Reviews in 2018 – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Hair maintenance can be such a nag. Yes, some people have nice-looking hair all their lives (or at least, most of it), others have to struggle with thin hair. Maybe, as you have gotten older, it has lost the volume and sheen it once had. More women are now choosing to take hair supplements to restore their hair from within, and some hair experts recommend that you take certain oral treatments and vitamins to achieve these results.

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With all the pill options available, you may get confused and not know what to look for. All the options available promise you amazing results, but here are some pills that we know will work for your hair, all at different levels.

Viviscal Hair growth supplement 4.1 2 x 60 tablets
Full Review
Keranique KeraViatin supplement 5.0 120 Softgels
Full Review
Pinnacle Biotin extra strength capsules ​ 4.0 -
Full Review
Saw Palmetto Hair growth support ​ 3.7 -
Full Review
Viviscal professional hair growth capsule 4.0 60 TABLETS
Full Review
Viviscal Extra Strength dietary capsules ​ 4.2 60 TABLETS
Full Review
Ultrax Hair rush keratin supplement 4.3 60 tablets
Full Review
PhytoWorx Hair growth supplement 4.6 -
Full Review

1.Viviscal Hair growth supplement

Viviscal - Professional Strength Hair Growth Supplement- 2 Pack (2 x 60 tablets)

Very affordable

Restore your thinning hair and promote the existing hair growth using this supplement. A clinically proven marine compound, AMINOMAR, is a component in all Viviscal supplements.

It comes in two packs of 60 tablets each, and contains minerals as well as vitamins that your hair requires in order to remain strong and healthy, for example Vitamins C and D, Omega-3 fatty acids, Niacin, Biotin, Zinc, and Iron. The amino acid component, AMINOMAR, comes from a protein molecule blend of naturally occurring silica deposits and a Horsetail (stem) extract to give your hair the necessary protein strength to boost its growth rates. The dosage you need is two daily tablets, for a minimum period of 3-6 months.


  • PROS:
    • Very good results after taking it for some time, and it leaves hair healthier
    • Easy to swallow
    • No adverse effects after taking the products

    • It may not work for some individuals


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2.Keranique KeraViatin supplement

Keranique KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement (120 Softgels)

This hair supplement contains KeraViatin10 Complex that aids in promotion of hair growth, scalp health as well as taking care of underlying issues that make your hair poor.

It comes with a natural thermo genic enhancer known as Intelli-Dose Target. This aids in activating and providing an environment in your body for increasing nutrient absorption. It also contains a strong variety of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and micronutrients that promote the strength of your hair as well as its health.

The recommended dosage is two daily tablets – one in the morning and one in the evening. However, it is not suitable for people under 18 years, as well as nursing or pregnant mothers. If you have a chronic condition, consult with your doctor before purchasing the supplement.


  • PROS:
    • Very good results – results in less shedding, more hair growth
    • Contains no gluten, so it is suitable for vegetarians
    • No adverse side effects
    • Easy to swallow

    • Has a strong vitamin tablet smell, which may be off putting to some individuals


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3.Pinnacle Biotin extra strength capsules

This supplement has a wide range of ingredients – 26, to be exact – all combining to promise you great looking nails, hair and skin. It contains a higher dose of Biotin, which has proven to be completely safe and/or heal conditions such as skin disorders and brittle nails. It is gluten free, so is suitable for vegetarians.


  • PROS:
    • Leaves your hair, skin and nails healthier-looking
    • It is suitable for vegetarians
    • Has no adverse side effects on most people
    • Easy to swallow

    • You need to take the capsules with food; otherwise, you can get nausea or heartburn
    • closeThe pills are quite large, so can be hard to swallow


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4.Saw Palmetto Hair growth support

This supplement has the ability to block an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase that is responsible for conversion of testosterone into DHT – a molecule that leads to hair loss increase. Clinical studies have all shown that this supplement has reduced DHT levels, which has resulted in improved hair of participants.

It also contains Biotin that helps increase elasticity levels of hair, and promotes growth of skin and hair cells as well as improving nails. It contains Vitamins A, E and C – A is involved in hair growth, C helps iron absorption, which is vital to hair growth, and E improves blood flow to your scalp. You can also purchase their hair care products including their shampoo and conditioner to use in conjunction with the supplement.

You can try the supplement for 60 days. If you fail to see an improvement in your hair health, you can let them know and there is a 100% money back guarantee.


  • PROS:
    • It gives good results, leaving hair shiny and thick, as well as strengthening nails and skin

    • It can have adverse side effects, so be sure to consult with your doctor for advice on this issue


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5.Viviscal professional hair growth capsule

This product contains AMINOMA, a protein-based marine ingredient that is available in all Viviscal supplements. It also has minerals and vitamins that your hair requires to grow healthy and strong, which includes Niacin, Vitamins C and D, Zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, Iron and Biotin. Dosage is two capsules per day, and the results depend on your individual hair growth cycle, so some people may take longer than others do. As with all Viviscal products, it comes in packs of two that have 60 tablets each.


  • It works very well, and results can first start showing by two months at the earliest
  • The pills are easy to swallow

  • The high amounts of vitamin C can lead to fluctuating hormone levels, which leads to increased migraines as a side effect


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6.Viviscal Extra Strength dietary capsules


This is similar to all other Viviscal supplements, dosage is two capsules per day, and the results depend on your individual hair growth cycle, so some people may take longer than others do.


  • Helps with loss of hair
  • No adverse side effects

  • It may not work for everyone



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7.Ultrax Hair rush keratin supplement

It may be one of the newer brands on this list, but do not let that fact fool you. Having a strong recommendation by both hairdressers, It uses soluble keratin and nettle leaf powder to increase and strengthen your hair growth, while it blocks DHT production to reduce hair loss.

It has over 23 important vitamins, herbs and minerals to aid in blood circulation to your scalp, including vitamins A and E, and rated as effective by both men and women. For best results, take the supplement twice daily for a minimum period of 90 days. It comes as a pack of two, with 60 tablets each, and the recommended dose is two tablets daily, one in the morning and one in the evening.


  • PROS:
    • It has very good results, especially when used with the ultralax hair shampoo.
    • It is easy to swallow
    • Can be used for all hair types
    • Reduces shedding and strengthens your hair

    • It may not work for everyone, depending on other factors
    • closeIs more expensive than other hair supplements


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8.PhytoWorx Hair growth supplement

PhytoWorx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement | Against All types of Hair Loss | Contains Grape Seed Extract and MSM for Rapid Growth

This has the distinction of being the number-1 rated hair supplement for both men and women. It contains Grape seed extract, which stops DHT production while stimulating hair follicles and increasing healthy hair growth.

It contains over ten ingredients that improve your hair health, which include vitamins A, E, D and C, as well as Zinc and Biotin and many more.

For best results, you can use it with the Phytoworx organic shampoo that is SFS free, and you can see results within four to six weeks. The recommended dosage is three capsules daily for at least three months.


  • Has very good results within a short period
  • It has natural  ingredients which increase its reliability and trustworthiness

  • Tends to be pricier than other supplements


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What are the causes of hair loss?

Hair is a very emotive issue – it is an extension of your personality, as well as protecting you from physical harm. It can be very discouraging to go through hair thinning or hair loss and statistics show that out of every four women, one will experience this problem – that is up to 25%. Before you run out to look for the nearest supplement though, it is good to know why you are losing that hair in the first place.

When you have an underactive thyroid, it can lead to hair loss that happens throughout your scalp, not just in one area or several areas like androgenic alopecia. Because hair follicles undergo long life cycles, you may not notice that you are losing hair until months later. Also, note that an overactive thyroid leads to hair thinning.
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
This is a hormonal disorder in women. Its signs are cysts on the ovaries, insulin resistance and excess androgens. A main symptom for PCOS is hair loss, though it has other symptoms as well. This hair loss known as androgenic alopecia is a result of excess testosterone, which the body converts into DHT. One of the reasons testosterone converts into DHT is chronic stress, so self-care is very important.
Poor diet
One of the essential truths is that your hair needs nutrients to grow. If you consume a diet rich in processed food, you will miss some important minerals and vitamins such as Iron, which leads to poor hair growth or hair loss.
Stress is there in our daily lives, but chronic stress is not. It creates all of the above-mentioned imbalances and more, so your body does not produce the right hormones at the right time. Your thyroid gland suffers, your hormones are out of place, and your nutrient status lowers. You might even go through major emotional events and fail to notice that your hair is falling off. The good thing is, even if you lose hair due to one reason or another, there can be reversal, slowing down or elimination of the problem.


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What hair treatments are there?

It is very easy to get confused and not know what to pick. Is it easy to get beautiful hair by simply taking pills, you may ask?

Before you get to purchase hair supplements, there are some facts you should know:

Various external factors can interfere with hair growth. However, the stronger the hair is, the better it will be for you. These factors can include menopause, stress, post-partum, chemical processes and heat styling.

Several options most hair supplements tend to use frequently include Biotin, Viviscal, saw palmetto extracts, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A.

Biotin is a natural part of the Vitamin B family, and it is water-soluble in nature. Also referred to as Vitamin H, it plays an important part in your skin, hair and nail care. If you are not getting enough quantities of this ingredient, you are more likely to experience a scaly red rash on your skin, and even hair loss. The deficiency cases is however rare, and as long as you consume a balanced diet, it should be enough to cover your biotin needs. What does hair growth research show about Biotin? What researchers and scientists know is the role of keratin in the condition of your skin, hair and nails, and that biotin helps to improve keratin levels in the body. The problem is they are not very sure of the direct role of biotin in hair growth. Research on this area has been scarce. Until today, there is not much research suggesting biotin intake directly improves hair growth. Biotin deficiency problems are not very common and there are no guidelines on recommended daily dosages (RDA) from the US FDA (Food and Drug Association). You can talk with your doctor about the right dosage for you, and they can guide you on increasing biotin dosage safely. Biotin sources They include foods such as bananas, egg yolk, nuts like peanuts, almonds and walnuts, mushrooms, cauliflower and legumes. Biotin supplements In most cases, you can take biotin supplements without experiencing side effects, but they can still happen. They include nausea, diarrhea and cramps, so you can reduce the occurrences by taking the supplement with food.
This is a Scandinavian supplement comprised of Silica, a fish protein, and Vitamin C, and some doctors recommend it because they observe it helps with hair growth, especially around the temples. The thing that most women think is that getting to take any kind of hair supplement, even Viviscal supplements, will cause their hair to grow very long. The truth of the matter is, the supplement does not make our hair grow long, and it does not make hair grow in other parts of the body except the head. What it can do, however, is to make your nails strong, make the hair thick and strong, and can lead to skin breakouts until the body adjusts to the added vitamins.
Saw palmetto extracts
Increasing testosterone levels lead to hair loss as one age. The testosterone converts into a molecule called DHT, and this change makes the hair follicles to shrink and cause hair loss, as well as enlarging the prostate. Men normally experience M-shaped balding patterns, while women experience thinning hair. This is where saw palmetto extract comes in.

It is an herbal solution extracted from the fruits of the American dwarf pine tree and has been in use for hundreds of years by Native Americans to treat enlarged prostates, bladder infections, hair loss and decreased libido. How saw palmetto works in reducing hair loss though, has not undergone extensive research, though there are suggestions that extracts of the fruit can inhibit the production of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme responsible for changing testosterone to DHT. An example is a small study in 2014 found that nearly 50% of patients reported that their hair improved in its growth count by about 12%, compared to 10% of the placebo-controlled study. The forms of Saw palmetto Saw palmetto can come in several forms, which include powdered capsules, liquid extracts, completely dried berries and tablets. Tablets and capsules are very easy to find and have undergone active research by scientists. Tea made from the dried berries of saw palmetto is not very effective since the active compounds are not water-soluble.

Side effects

Saw palmetto is safe, at least for the most part. It is, however, not recommended for children, or pregnant or nursing individuals. It may have some side effects such as stomach pain or mild headaches, though you can avoid this issue by taking the supplement with food.

It can also thin out the blood, so do not take it at the same time as other blood thinners such as aspirin. It can also reduce the effects of oral contraceptives since it also interacts with hormones.

Vitamin D
Coming primarily from sunshine, this vitamin helps your body in certain functions such as calcium absorption. It not only does this, but also has an apparent role in your hair growth – though experts are studying how it fulfills this function. Along with other chemicals, it may help to activate dormant hair follicles, because balding happens when your follicles are constantly dormant. Experts are not very sure if it has a direct use in hair growth, though you need to make sure your body has enough to grow healthy strands. If you choose to take the supplement route, you need to be careful. The reason is that Vitamin D is fat-soluble and can easily build in your fat tissue at dangerous levels when you ingest too much of it. If you choose to go on with it, take it with a meal that has fat so that it will be absorbed.
Vitamin A
This is one of the more common ingredients in hair care products and hair supplements. It is directly involved in skin regeneration, while also improving vision and immunity so it is included in multivitamins. Too much of a good thing is dangerous, however -and this applies to this vitamin. Similar to Vitamin D, it is fat soluble, and excess Vitamin A that your body does not use builds up in your tissues. It can be counterproductive to your liver if it is in high amounts, and causes nausea and fatigue, and ironically, loss of hair. Other components of hair supplement products include:
These three solutions are interchangeable, but the common ingredient among them is silica. Silica is a combination of oxygen and silicon, which are the most abundant elements on the earth side from carbon. Why silica is so popular is because of its ability to balance out mineral levels in the body, leading to balanced hormones and very good hair. Collagen, the compound that keeps your hair, skin, and nails looking ageless, also contains silica. As for bamboo and horsetail, they are two medicinal herbs containing high silica amounts, so you can use them in the same manner.
Vitamin C
Also known as Ascorbic acid, you cannot go wrong with this power vitamin. It aids in not only preventing scurvy, but also adding blood circulation, and helps with antioxidant action in your hair follicles. It is also required for improving the health of your adrenal glands, iron absorption and balancing of hormones – all contributing massively to stop hair loss.
Essential minerals
The sad truth is that soils all over the world are becoming nutrient-deficient, and this makes minerals hard to come across. Your body still needs minerals, whether they are micro or macro. The most common ones that are on the supplements today are the skin-balancing Zinc, the extremely versatile magnesium, the blood builder Iron, and the thyroid supporting iodine and Selenium. Check if the supplement you want has these ingredients, otherwise, you may have to search for a multi-mineral formula.
Vitamins B5 and B6
These two vitamins from the B family work hard to fulfill certain roles in your body. Vitamin B5 is the so-called ‘anti-stress vitamin’, because it improves the body’s ability to handle stress through helping the adrenal glands. It also has protein-regulating effects, and this makes it a win for hair loss prevention. One of the major causes of hair loss in women is stress, yet proteins make up a large part of hair and scalp. Vitamin B6 is the ‘mood vitamin’. It strengthens the nervous system, reduces stress by supporting the adrenal glands, increases the proper breakdown of sugars and starch, and keeps the heart strong and healthy. It is good for those who suffer from depression because it gives the body feel good neurochemicals such as serotonin. It also helps in building iron stores in your body as well, which can be another cause of hair loss in women.


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How to choose the right hair growth supplements

With all this information, how will you know what is the right supplement for you? To know the answer to this question, there are a few pointers to look at when searching for a good quality supplement.

Ingredients in the supplement

One of the facts you need to know is that hair cannot be healthy from the outside in, rather from the inside out. All good supplements will comprise a few ingredients, and it is important that they contain nutrients such as Biotin, B12, and B6 vitamins.

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Why do you need the supplement?

This is very important to know since different people have different needs for taking different supplements.  You must find out your primary hair loss concern before e looking for a supplement. For example, if you are dealing with hereditary hair pattern loss, a product formulated for rapid hair growth should not be your pick. This is because hair loss vitamins have some kind of anti-DHT nutrient, while vitamins for faster hair growth have more protein amounts to feed the hair follicles.

Your hair type

Some hair vitamins can contain certain ingredients, which help some hair more than others do. For example, if your hair is dry and suffers excessive breakage, you need a supplement that has moisturizing essential oils as opposed to other supplement types.


Final thoughts
As we said, it can be challenging to choose a hair supplement that sorts out your needs while still helping you regain lost hair. However, we chose the PhytoWorx hair supplement because of its high rating, and the bottle comes with 90 capsules, which is enough to last you about two months. The reviews are favorable and it has proven to be effective in its work.

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